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How many times you think of making a lovely breakfast for your love one, but always end up a mess? It could be due to time constraint especially you are living in a city and working as a white collar 9 to 5 job, or simply due to insufficient of cooking equipment. 

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The conventional western breakfast will consist of bread, fried egg, sausage,  and a cup of brewed coffee. But in the fast-paced city, how could we have the luxury to produce so many yummm breakfast in a short period of time? Won't it be wonderful if that's a cooking equipment to do everything for you at the same time?

Don't you think everyone should deserve a better breakfast? A breakfast session that fill with happiness with your love one, while fulfilling most of the essential nutrition of the morning intake? 

What do you think now? Breakfast can never be the same again, imagine a breakfast session that filled with nice food, laughter with your family, and above all, time saving and convenience! 

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