China, Walmart, Orange

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The author of this original posting failed to verify validity of such picture and information, what do you think? Do you think it is possible?

1. Crocodiles For Roasting 
An orange stuffed in it's mouth, perhaps it somehow represent dragon in Chinese's perspective. 

2. Dried Duck that hanging everywhere. 
Duck and its fragrant wading in the air...

3. Pig Face 
So you need a Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

4. Dried Reptile Parts 
Head first or wholly snaky tailllll?

5. Cheap Ribs Piles 
Are you sure this is not from Human? It is everywhere without a freaking fridge? seriussssliiii?

6. Bulk Wal-Mart Brand Liquor 
Only $1.00 for a bottle of WalMart Brand Liquor! Only 1 buck! 

7. Turtles And Frogs 
Is this suppose to be domestic pet or a palatable meat?

8. Cooking Oil And Orange Juice Combo Packs 
Make sure you don't mistakenly drink the oil as orange juice!

9. Mysterious Meats 
You never know what you're getting, life is like a box of chocolate!

10. Rice In Bulk
It does look like pearly sand in someway, very abundance. 

Source: Herbeat | various facebook posting

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