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Here's  an interesting info from Show me How (estimating remaining daylight), you can easily estimate how long until the sun sets using your fingers if you are out door. 

1.) Firstly, extend your arm fully.

2.) Count the number of finger widths
*between the sun and the horizon

3.) Each finger is approximately equal to 15 minutes 
*each hand width approximately equal to 60 mins

4.) Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. 
*Each finger is equivalent to fifteen minutes, with each hand totaling an hour
*When the sun dips low enough that only two hands fit. (A caveat)

7.) If you're near the poles, the sun will hover over the horizon  longer, giving an inaccurate reading.

Source: Show me How

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Anonymous said...

how on earth he is going to look at the glaring sun?

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