Garbage. Sandwich. Recycle.

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Every day Jason Vrany wants to save the planet, his strategy is simple;  one sandwich at a time. A Chicago restaurant operated by Jason Vrany, Sandwich Me In, prides itself on creating yum food at an affordable price, and most importantly that they make almost none garbage.Sandwich Me In has only produced eight gallons of trash in two years of operation. 

“We want to show people that there is food out there that has taste, that can be sourced locally and can reduce the impact on the environment,” - Jason Vrany

Hence, Vrany’s restaurant is built on sustainable business practices, from running on renewable energy and sourcing its meat and produce local farms. Gosh, remember that eight gallon bag of trash that the restaurant? An artist picked it up to re-use in a sculpture! Hence, Sandwich Me In produce ZERO trash ! WOW

Source: Nation Swell | Sandwich Me In | Justin Vrany

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