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Here a list of top 10 rated as most gross and disgusting food by bizarre food net and various net. Which one do you think is most disgusting to you? 

10. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu is Sardinian (Sardinia near Italy) cheese, it is produced by goat's milk. What makes this food so gross is the way it is prepared. During the fermenting process, the larvae is allowed in the cheese. After a weeks, the larvae hatch and it is feeding on the substance. When the cheese’s fats are being broken down, a special flavor is presence (which many consider to be delicious). When the time comes for human consumption, most people  remove the maggots. Nonetheless, some leave the maggot on it, believing that they give an extra flavor.

9. Balut


Balut is a common street food in Philippines, it has the common texture of a hard boiled egg. Not until you cracked it and realized a fully intact duck/chick embryo. It is produced when duck/chick eggs are fertilized in warm sunlight. After eight days, the eggs are held up to light to ensure that the attached embryo is ready for meal. The eggs are cooked and  can be served with a dash of salt or a few squirts of lemon juice.

8. Potted Meat

Potted meat is not some new foreign delicacy, especially in the eye of most western countries. This is in fact a common food in North America. Nevertheless, when it comes to grossness, a brief glance on the ingredients label is disgusting enough, commonly it includes mechanically separated chicken, beef tripe, partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue, beef hearts, water, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue, salt, and less than 2 percent: mustard, natural flavorings, dried garlic, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrite. Your point of view? 

7. Stink heads ( Fermented Salmon Heads )

This is a common delight in Alaska cuisine, as the name suggested, it has a stinky fragrant that most people think it is unpalatable. The making of this delight is simple, the heads are lopped off, and it is buried in the ground for a few weeks. During this time the heads begin to rot and it disintegrate completely after a some time, it is mashed into a sort of pudding and served cold in bowls when it is ready.

6. Jellied Moose Nose

A northernmost of the United States dish, preparation is relatively easy: first, the moose‘s nose is removed, it is then boiled for a bit until the hairs can be easily plucked off. Then, the meat is boiled for longer until it becomes a gelatinous substance. Finally, it’s served chilled. As the name suggested, it is JELLYYYY, thinking it as a nostril mucus don't help.. 

5. Bat Paste

I wish Batman is not reading this, it is a common Asian dish, especially in Thailand and China. The process of preparing it is relatively simple, a LIVELY bat is forced into a pot of BOILING milk. Once it has reached the highest boiling point and the meat is soften, the bat is sliced into  bits, mixed with various herbs and spices.

4. Hasma

In China or other countries that are greatly influenced by Chinese cuisine, most people consider hasma as a form of luxurious dessert treat. The texture is smooth and it is basically tasteless, but wait a minute, what's a HASMA? The
answer is simple, it is the fallopian tubes of frogs (Most mistakenly think it is frogs' Sperma, seriously?). It is always boiled with sugar to add a sweet taste on it. Could be served as a chilled jelly or hot dessert soup.  

3. Haggis

It is the infamous traditional Scottish dish. What is haggis? It is kind of sausage. However, this sausage is made of a sheep’s lungs, liver and heart. Many describe haggis as balls of stuffed intestines than sausage. Although it looks unappealing, Haggis-lovers like it, especially you love lamb and intestine. 

2. Cockscomb

Well, did you realized that's a floppy part atop of a rooster head?, that's a cockscomb, I know you might be thinking it is part of the animal's cock, well, it is not. In fact, most people think it is Asian cuisine, surprisingly, it is a common food in French, and it is also a common ingredient in many Italian dish and cuisine 's sause. 

1. Black Pudding 

Some of you might think this is not gross, or perhaps it appear as a Chocolate dessert? This dish is made largely of blood drawn from pigs, cattle or sheep (Vampire's FOOD?). It became Black (Blood) Pudding when it is allowed to coagulate, a filler of oatmeal, barley or sweet potato is added for flavouring, and it is brought to boil. During the process, a delightful stinky skin is produced atop. Some remove the skin before plunging their spoon into the pudding, others enjoy its chewy texture and prefer to eat last. Paradoxically, although it is rated as the most rated gross food on the net, this food is common in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas...

Source: Bizarre Food ANDREW ZIMMERN | Wikipedia |Various source

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