Instagram, Exchange, Food?

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What if we lived in a world where you could pay for your food by sharing it on Instagram? Some would call it hell on earth because of how our Instagram feeds are already overwhelmed with such pictures, but that kind of attitude could be starting to change. A new pop-up diner in Soho, London called The Picture House is letting its customers pay for their meals in exchange for posting a pic of it on Instagram with the hashtag “BirdsEyeInspirations.” The brand behind the restaurant, Birds Eye, found that 52% of people already take pictures of their food when they eat out. The Picture House opened last week, and a quick search of #BirdsEyeInspirations on Instagram shows that there have already been hundreds of shares. 
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Diners at the pop-up restaurant at the Ice Tank in Soho, pictured, will also be given tutorials from food photographer Marie Marte. According to Webstagram there are currently over 90 million pictures using the hashtag 'food' on Instagram. The pop-up restaurants will head to Manchester and Leeds next month 
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The opening follows research that found over half of people regularly take photos of their meals. One in ten admitted to taking at least one snap of their meal time moments every week, with nine per cent admitting to not being able to go a day without snapping a picture of food. The pop-up restaurant is pictured.
Original Text from Dailymail UK

Source: Alex Heath | Dailymail UK

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