Kid, Ball, Girl

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Original from MLB by Mike Bertha
Some smooth little kid was at Globe Life Park at Arlington for the Rangers-Blue Jays game on Saturday night and must have brought his A-game along with his glove because he was nothing short of the smartest, most charming human being in the entire stadium. The kid had a baseball in his dominant hand when he snagged a ball from Blue Jays third base coach Luis Rivera. Without hesitating, he turns around to face a row of older girls seated directly behind him. They're simply tickled by the kid's gall and charm as he presents one of them with a baseball. They don't notice the slight of hand, though, as our hero never took the ball out of his glove, instead giving them whatever baseball he already had:

Who is this kid and how did he learn to be smoother than McConaughey and have the time to become an Alliance-approved magician?

Source: Mike Bertha | MLB

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