Wash, Hand, Loo


Apparently that's some LOL picture from rocket news on the issue of washing hand after using the bathroom, these are creative sketch on the consequences of not washing your hand after using the bathroom. Instead of telling you about the detrimental effect of bacteria on your hand, the Japanese is paying more emphasis on the embarrassment and hygienic element in both the social  activities and daily routine.

1. Hand Shake for the first time, er... handjob?

2. On the door knob...

 3. In the Arcade

 4. I guess this is an illustration in the smartphone store  display..

  5. having fun with the swings.

 6. How do you term "mutual masturbation"? 

  7. In the train...

 8. The first thing you do when you entered a lift. 

9. Da Escalator 

Last but not least, perhaps applying some aloe Vera gel is an alternative of washing your hand!

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Source: Rocket News 24 Japan | Just Korea It!

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