Happy Chinese New Year! BOMBBBBBB! 刀塔传奇 炸彈人 Dot Arena Techies

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Happy Gooooooooooooat Year! Don't bomb the goat =)

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Download game here:
AppStore -->http://www.dotarena.com/s/iosfb

1st: Summon 2 electronic static machine that deal magical damage on enemy, at the same time dropping bomb on ground, once the time is up, dealing explosive damage on the enemy

2nd: Summon a little goblin to place bomb along the pathway, any nearby unit will trigger the bomb and deal massive damage.

3rd: Plants trap mine that will only activate when enemy is nearby triggered, stunning the target with damage

4th: Sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Deals massive area of effect damage. Can only be activated if HP is below or equal to 20%. 

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