Cult Leaders that use SEX to control followers

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By Leon Powell / Disinformation

In the book Raping the Gods, by Brian Whitney, a ghostwriter is hired to ghostwrite the memoirs of Dylan, a deranged, fantastically wealthy sex addict, who lives in Samoa with his female sex slaves. Dylan had a profound spiritual awakening during a vision quest he went on with a local tribe. He thinks he met God. Actually, he thinks he met God and had sex with Him. Raped Him, in fact. Throughout all of Dylan’s insanity and abuse his slaves remain unwavering.
Many people throughout time have used sex to take control of people’s minds. When it comes to keeping someone under your control, banging them while slowly exerting power over their minds and bodies is possibly the best way to do that. It is true that other methods can work. You can threaten someone, beat them, isolate them, financially exploit them, but none of those are as effective as sex.
Here are 5 cult leaders that used sex to get their freak on and control minds at the same time.

John Humphrey Noyes

Noyes started the Oneida Community. According to the community’s website, it is a “religiously based, socialist group of about 250, dedicated to living as one family and to sharing all property, work, and love.”
With that said, the most important thing you were required to share was your ass. To overcome what Noyes regarded as the sin of monogamy, he called for the continual change of sexual partners.
Of course Noyes had the difficult job of deciding who fucked who. Although he was married, he banged everyone he could. His thing was “ascending fellowship.” Noyes was the community elder (a “godly” title) and led young believers heavenward by introducing them to what he considered to be the holy pleasures of sex. Noyes often assigned himself 12 and 13-year-old girls.

Jim Jones

Jones is best known for engineering the mass suicide at Jonestown, where almost 1,000 died by drinking poisoned Kool-aid—and rightly so. Things like that don’t happen every day.
Less known about Jones is the fact that he was a sexual freak. Jones claimed that he possessed almost superhuman sexual endurance, technique, and potency.
Jones liked the ladies, and was known to have sex with 10 women a day. He was adamant about being heterosexual and thought most of his male followers were gay. To prove that point, he would often bang male followers, sometimes in front of the entire congregation.

David Koresh

Koresh was the prophet of the Branch Davidians. His intent was to lead his followers to the Promised Land, but instead led them to death at the hands of ATF agents in Waco.
He came into leadership of the cult honestly, by bedding Lois Roden, the prophetess and leader of the sect who was then 77 years old.
He called himself “the ultimate sex machine” and had 19 “spiritual wives” ranging from the ages of 10 to 68. He was a sweet talker, he reportedly told his female followers, “There’s only one hard-on in this whole universe that really loves you and wants to say good things about you.” I mean, how could you resist that?

Charlie Manson

Manson does not approach many of these other leaders in sheer numbers, but the devotion he received was unparalleled.
In any other time, a guy like Charles Manson would have never had a chance to become a cult leader. He was short, recently released from prison and obviously psychotic. But in the 60’s, his particular brand of insane charm found a following.
He used his considerable charm and skills to find some very weak women, he started with one, then he had two, then a couple more. He called himself the “God of Fuck” and spent a considerable amount of time and effort bending them to his will, to the point that they were slaughtering people and writing with their blood on walls.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Bhagwan (which allegedly means “Master of the Vagina”) Shree Rajneesh, preached a mishmash of traditional meditation and Western therapies. His followers were asked to kick, bite, and scream at one another to release stress. When that was done, his followers were encouraged to have as much sex with him and each other as they could. He was addicted to laughing gas and at one point had 93 Rolls Royces.
He called himself the world’s great lover and claimed to have had sex with more women than anyone in history. In fact, he probably could have had sex with a lot more if his followers didn’t decide to launch a bio-terror attack on the citizens of The Dalles.
Exerting strict sexual control over others, while having have no sexual control over yourself is not an easy game to play, but if you can do it, you have the makings of a good cult leader.

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