GST updates on banking facilities

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GST updates on banking facilities:- 

1. ATM transactions
- First 4 transactions each month are foc usually, service charges (50cents) on 5th transaction onwards are subject to GST

2. Replacement of ATM cards or account book
- RM10 charged by bank is subject to GST

3. Safety box rental
- Subject to GST

4. Remittance service (Foreign currency)
- Money remitted not subject to GST, service charge subject to GST

5. Online transfer
- Service charge of 10 cents subject to GST

6. Cross bank withdrawal
- Service charge of RM1 subject to GST

7. Yearly subscription fee of credit card
- If the bank waived the subscription fee, credit card holder is not subject to GST

8. Transactions between/within current account and saving account
- No GST

9. Interest paid to or received from Bank
- No GST

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