How To Register As Taxpayer Online (e-Daftar) [Read this to save RM100-300 every year] D-I-Y

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How To Register As Taxpayer Online (e-Daftar)

Want to know how to register? Here are the steps.

1. Go

2. Click 'e-Daftar'.

3. Click another 'e-Daftar'.

4. Click 'Borang pendaftaran online'.

5. Fill in the form.

6. After completing the form, click 'Hantar'.

7. After you click 'Hantar', it will ask you to reconfirm your information. And after you confirm it, you will get your application number. 
Do take notes of the Number and remember it as it is very important, and you might need it in the future.

8. You are required to upload a copy of your I.C. (identity card). You may upload it right away, or you may upload it within 14 days after your application. If you want to upload it, click 'Muat Naik Disini'.

9. There are some requirements on the photo of your I.C.

(i) Only front side is required (Side that show your name and I.C. number)

(ii) Only .gif file is accepted (You can google 'online gif converter' to find online Gif converter services) Or you can convert it here

(iii)  The file size has to be in between 40k and 60k (If your file is fall under this range of size, then you are almost done, but your file is somewhere below or above, you can always try to google 'online gif resizer' for a solution. )

(iv) File name has to be in alphanumeric Only (Without Space or any special character)

*it's also better to put the word 'For IRB use only' on the picture for the safety purpose.

When you want to upload, click on 'Choose file' to select your file and follow by clicking 'Muat naik'.

10. You will see 'Dokumen Telah Diterima' after your upload is completed.

You are almost done until you receive a confirmation from IRB (Inland Revenue Board).

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