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When your post has broken HTML -- ending tags without correlating opening tags -- Blogger will not be able to save a draft or open a preview of your post. Blogger alerts you to broken tags with a red box at the top of your post that says "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed" with the tag following. You'll need to repair this damage before saving, previewing or posting your blog entry.


  1. Identify the tag that's broken in the Blogger error message. It will be the last item at the end of the error message, and will be displayed with any symbols. For instances, the bold tag would simply say "B," and the span tag would say "SPAN."
  2. Find the unclosed tag in your post. If your post has a lot of HTML you may want to use your browser's Find feature to find the tag -- usually pressing "Ctrl + F" or going to "Edit" and then "Find."
  3. Enter the closing a tag to match the opening tag, such as "</b>," "</span>," "</center>" or whatever your hanging tag is. If the tag is one that you do not need for your post, delete the hanging opening tag.
  4. Save your post by clicking "Save now." If there are other HTML errors in your post, Blogger will update you as you try to save, preview or publish your post.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you go to the Compose view, you can view the formatting as it will look in the post, and modify it using the rich text editors tools. Enter the Compose mode by clicking the "Compose" tab in the upper right corner of the post editor.
  • Opening tags that are not closed can mess with the formatting of your post, such as entire bolded paragraphs or long posts turned into a hyperlink due to a missing "</a>."
  • If you try to post your blog post with HTML errors, you will be given the option with a check box that says "Stop Showing HTML Errors for the Body of This Post." Once you select this box, you can save, preview and post your entry without any hindrance


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