How to Add Waze on website?

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Share Waze Location on a Website

Waze was the “App of the Year” 2012 on the Apple App Store. Many people are joining this outstanding social network and starting to outsmart traffic. This app works for iOS and Android devices, in the app you can easily share location, but ever wondered how to share Waze location on a website?
Waze has added some documentation on how to share a location with their API URL Scheme. You can find the whole documentation here. On this small tutorial I’ll be sharing how to add this to a website.
How does it work?
As of January 2013 there are only 3 available parameters:

1. Search

waze://?q=<address search term>
This will open the Waze App (iOS or Android) and search for the place with the term you assign. In this example we’ll be searching for our office (Mobkii).
Example:   waze://?q=Mobkii

2. Latitude and Longitude 

This allows you to open the Waze App, and will mark the route from your current location to the exact location (latitude and longitude) you provide.
Example: waze://?ll=25.701479,-100.365993

How do I get the exact coordinates?

Use Google Maps, search for the location you want to share. Once you are on the exact position, with your mouse right click the map, and the following submenu will appear.
Google Maps Menu
Select “Whats here?“, just after you’ve done that, the Google Maps Search Bar will add the Latitude and Longitude of that specific point, like this:
Google Maps

3. Zoom

This is use to set the exact zoom you want to display when the app opens.

Adding it all up

<aahref="waze://?ll=25.701479,-100.365993" target="_blank">Open in Waze</a>

*Remove the a if you see an extra a in the above coding. 

What if user is not on a mobile device, or hasn’t downloaded Waze yet? 
If the user is on a web browser (not mobile device) it will open iTunes or Google Play links. If the user is on a mobile device and doesn’t have Waze, the link will send him to the App Store or Google Play.

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