How to make USB Killer 2.0?

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Finally we managed to organize the installation and testing of prototypes of a new version of the device. Devices that perform only one function - the destruction of computers. But let's not limited to computers, the device is able to incapacitate almost any equipment equipped with USB Host interface. For example, I have on the table is an oscilloscope with USB interface (but it is still useful), almost all smart phones support USB OTG mode, TV, routers, modems, etc. 

The main feature of the new version of the device is increased twice, "output" voltage, it is now 220 (strictly speaking, minus 220). Also in the new version the efforts were aimed at making the device even more compact, as in the first version had slightly modifying the body, so that everything fits. 

The principle of operation is not changed. Connecting to the USB port starts operation of the voltage converter, which charges the capacitor to 220V. By achieving this voltage converter is switched off and the stored up energy in the capacitor is supplied to the signal lines USB interface. After the capacitors discharge cycle is repeated. 

There are many more pictures.

Pregnant women and very impressionable video is not playing, the sound specifically left. 

Do not worry about the laptop, the new "motherboard" is on the way - he will live. Originally did not plan to restore it, the laptop was purchased specifically for the test, but now I miss him, built-in 3G, ergonomics, the keyboard ... 

Definitely out of order I / O Controller Hub, which burned more difficult to say. But it is extremely unlikely that the hard disk was damaged and the information on it. 

Circuitry Interface USB Laptop killed

Structural scheme.

I / O Controller Hub.

Spare USB connector.

The scheme completely. 

Who has once MBP for the test, write in a personal. 

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